Performance Review: A Crucial Secret to Success

Setting goals creates your map to success – in whatever you do – big or small. The day ahead, the strategy of multinational – and everything in between. That map, those goals, mark your first points towards success. It means you know where you are heading. It means your focus is aligned. It means you […]

Building to Last Through Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is such a critical element of a successful organization, whether large or small. People respond positively to leadership that is credible and effective; in good times, bad times, steady state or changing times. Effective leadership creates the space for both setting strategy and for executing. Sometimes it is said that leaders are born […]

Heirs Holdings at 12: Executing the Dream

“The easiest thing is to do is to dream dreams; the more difficult thing is to actualise the dream.” – Tony O. Elumelu, CON 12 Years – So short a time; so much accomplished; and so much more to do! Our 12th anniversary is a moment for us all to look back and to look […]