My Annual Letter To African Entrepreneurs

Dear African Entrepreneur, 2022 was not an easy year. We escaped the pandemic, but none of us were untouched by global events. Prices have risen frighteningly, the cost of doing business has increased, customers are stretched, we would all be forgiven for giving up, dialing down our entrepreneurial dreams, maybe choosing an easier path. But […]

A Year of Resilience

What did 2022 mean for you? For me, like everyone, there were highs and lows. Moments of exhilaration, moments of frustration. Above all, 2022 was a year of resilience. Resilience personally, resilience in our Group, in Africa and amongst those I hold dear, our young African entrepreneurs, my colleagues and my close ones. As a […]

In Washington – At the Table – Convening, Catalysing and Championing a New Africa

For us at Heirs Holdings, Pan-Africanism is not just a dream, it is our vision of an inclusive and transformative agenda, that will fundamentally change Africa. Last week was a testament to that vision: the awards and recognition we received for empowering our young and disadvantaged women and our milestone partnership with the government of […]