The AfCTCA and Its Role in Creating a Path to Africa’s Economic Transformation.

Africa needs strong institutions, institutions that drive a Pan African agenda, are focused on doing and executing. Afreximbank’s does just that.I often talk about entrepreneurship – I always mention the need for an enabling environment. Afreximbank is an enabler. So, it was a day of powerful and timely conversations at the 25th Afreximbank AGM hosted […]

A Sustainable Environment Through Climate Change

Last week, the HH Group celebrated World Environment Day 2022. Sustainability is not a slogan for us – it is core to what we do. We see every day the consequences of environmental degradation, missed opportunities and the cost Africa pays for global mismanagement of precious resources. I reiterated to my team our mission to […]

Children; Pioneering Profound Change in Africa.

There has never been a season as crucial as the one upon us now. A season where there is so much demand, weight and responsibility placed upon a younger generation. For decades, much has been said about Africa and its renaissance, its revival and its future potential. We are getting closer to this rise. And […]

Success is made up of 1% dreams and 99% hard work


At the age of 20, did you envisage your current self? At the age of 20 I was still on the university campus thinking of parties and academic course work rather than thinking of entrepreneurship! But let’s just say that my life has been filled with a lot of interesting experiences. Deciding to study economics […]

I believe in luck because I’m a product of it

Tony Elumelu

When I started my career, I got a job I applied for despite not meeting the advertised criteria. That was luck at play, but I also believed that I was good enough to make a difference, so I offered myself. Luck was what made my boss at the time read my application letter. Leaders must […]

My dreams for Africa: reflecting on #UBAAfricaConversations for the #UBAAfricaDay2021.


Yesterday, at the 3rd United Bank for Africa Conversations (#UBAAfricaConversations) celebrating Africa Day, I was privileged to moderate a profoundly moving conversation, with some of Africa’s most prominent voices: Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, the World Trade Organisation’s Director-General, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala; the World Health Organisation’s Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus; and International Finance Corporation Managing […]

Celebrating the Value and Dignity in our Labour

On May 1, we celebrated working women and men, in Africa and the world. Work gives us all dignity, it allows us to create value, to sustain our families, secure our futures. As an African, creating sustainable, meaningful employment is what drives me.  It is why I champion entrepreneurship. Through my own life journey, I […]

Five Personal Tips to Build a Successful Business

I gave a talk at the Lagos Business School ‘Dinner with…’ event earlier this week, where I addressed the room and shared my journey thus far. For budding entrepreneurs or those climbing the corporate ladder, read my tips below, which I hope will aid your own journey. #1 Save Money Religiously– I am a firm […]

An urgent call for a new African Order

The beginning of the year 2020 which also marked the start of a defining decade ushered in a series of dreadful disruptions. Unlike the 2008 global financial crisis where Africa was largely decoupled from the thick of the crisis and managed to muddle through fairly unscathed, this time around Africa holds the weakest end of the stick. […]

A ‘Marshall Plan’ for Africa’s employment challenge

Unemployment, independent of any other factor, threatens to derail the economic promise that Africa deserves. It’s a time bomb with no geographical boundaries: Economists expect Africa to create 54 million new jobs by 2020, but 122 million Africans will enter the labor force during that time frame. Adding to this shortfall are tens of millions currently unemployed […]