Tony Elumelu speaks with Zain Asher on The Zain’s Network

Yesterday, I spoke with Zain Asher on the Zain’s Exchange.

I shared the key drivers of growth for Nigeria’s economy and the African economy at large.  

See below some key points I mentioned in the interview.

  • The US has a key role to play in helping to catalyse economic development and prosperity in Nigeria.
  • The private sector must be willing to share a part of their prosperity with the young Nigerian entrepreneur so that we can collectively do more in eradicating poverty.
  • As a country, we need to deal with insecurity. We cannot have private capital invest in our nation if we don’t fix insecurity and infrastructure in our country.
  • Oil is our commonwealth as a people however it is being plundered buy a few. Oil theft is a major issue in Nigeria. The government must continue to engage our security agency to do what they need to do help protect our terminal.
  • Africa continues to suffer for the consequences of the climate crisis even when we contributed little or nothing to it. We need a partnership that can support African institutions with energy funding to address this issue.

To hear the rest of my thoughts on this, press play.


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