Progress in Africa Will Help Ease the Global Migrant Crisis

Images of refugees attempting to reach Europe through any and all possible means have dominated global media for weeks. Yet recent action by EU leaders to address this crisis, although laudable, in no way addresses the underlying challenges fueling the waves of migrants heading for European shores. Most of the migrants are refugees from war-torn Syria in […]

Africapitalism: empowering people works much better than giving them aid

I’ve long questioned the traditional approach to development where donors and governments invest in basic health, education and access to food in developing countries, with the hope that the beneficiaries will eventually become self-sufficient. While all assistance is to be acknowledged and appreciated,we need to rethink the ways in which we help others. We must […]

Germany’s New ‘Marshall Plan’ Must Treat Africa as an Equal Partner

One of the downsides of globalization is that local problems rarely stay local. Europe is straining under a tide of migrants, making the perilous journey from North Africa, across the Mediterranean. Tragically, thousands have lost their lives in the attempt, and thousands more who manage to reach Europe arrive only to face new challenges. European governments […]