My Speech at The Meeting with The Heirs Holdings HR Community.

The HR Community is providing great support to the HH growth trajectory, and I like the happiness across HH Group, especially from the recent promotion announcement. This can only be achieved through a rigorous GEPEC process which you all drove respectively. So well done! However, our ambitions are huge and people management is the key […]


THEME: Fostering Global Prosperity; The Imperative of Luminary Leadership Let me seize this opportunity to thank Mr. President, H.E. Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, for the opportunity of this university being sited here in Delta State. I am a proud indigene of Delta State and as a strong supporter of all its institutions and residents. What is […]

Watch my interview with CNN’s Richard Quest

I shared my thoughts on the need for us to prioritize the young ones and invest in their future. I believe that this will help us to create an ultimately sustainable economic prosperity for us as a continent.Watch the interview below.

Africa and Climate Change- A Conversation with US Senator John Kerry towards COP27

Tony Elumelu and Senator John Kerry

By Tony Elumelu As the world continues to experience the daily impact of global warming, whether the tragic recent flooding in Pakistan, or the less covered, but equally harmful, persistent environmental degradation of Africa’s Sahel region, leaders need to act, not just talk. Equally, Africa should not just be in the conversation, but actively set […]

Tips For Young Professionals.

I spent last Thursday with the inducted HH New hires. Over 50 outstanding young men and women are on their journey to become the next generation of leaders at Heir Holdings.  Throughout our informal session, I listened to them talk about themselves, while gaining insights and useful suggestions from their experiences.  They asked me questions […]

Performance Review: A Crucial Secret to Success

Setting goals creates your map to success – in whatever you do – big or small. The day ahead, the strategy of multinational – and everything in between. That map, those goals, mark your first points towards success. It means you know where you are heading. It means your focus is aligned. It means you […]

Building to Last Through Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is such a critical element of a successful organization, whether large or small. People respond positively to leadership that is credible and effective; in good times, bad times, steady state or changing times. Effective leadership creates the space for both setting strategy and for executing. Sometimes it is said that leaders are born […]

The AfCTCA and Its Role in Creating a Path to Africa’s Economic Transformation.

Africa needs strong institutions, institutions that drive a Pan African agenda, are focused on doing and executing. Afreximbank’s does just that.I often talk about entrepreneurship – I always mention the need for an enabling environment. Afreximbank is an enabler. So, it was a day of powerful and timely conversations at the 25th Afreximbank AGM hosted […]

A Sustainable Environment Through Climate Change

Last week, the HH Group celebrated World Environment Day 2022. Sustainability is not a slogan for us – it is core to what we do. We see every day the consequences of environmental degradation, missed opportunities and the cost Africa pays for global mismanagement of precious resources. I reiterated to my team our mission to […]